E-Marketing Services

WNM E-Marketing Services comprise of promoting your products, services or general adverts via our S.M.N. (Social Media Network) which includes social networking sites, content and article directories, online media and advertising outlets. We maintain around 70 outlets in our network at all times but this number does fluctuate (we guarantee a network of at least 50 media outlets no matter what) and we utilise Search Engine Submission services to increase your exposure and improve your page rankings.

This network has access to millions of online viewers, who are your potential customers. We write and promote adverts, articles, posts, links and reviews and these are circulated cyclically through our network over a period of time. This ensures the perfect amount of exposure and allows you to reach your target audience whatever their online habits. 

We believe in marketing with the personal touch, and this means not filling peoples Facebook feeds with the same advert or dropping fifty two tweets in a row begging people to follow this link (people don't like it and it's just common decency not to operate in this way). We advertise responsibly and cultivate friendships, join groups and communities and talk about your products and services in relevant conversations directly connecting you with those who want your services.

Writing Services

Advertising / Copywriting: Adverts and copy for both on or off-line purposes including personal and classified ad's, product descriptions, user manuals/instructions, press releases, advertising presentations, pitches and  more.

Proofreading / Editing: Checking text for and correcting errors, both spelling and grammatical as well as general modifications and suggestions. Electronic and hard copy acceptable. We cover manuscripts, resumes/CV's, essays, business documents, web content, personal letters and more.

Web Content Writing: For all websites and blogs. Unique and professional creative content for multiple purposes including product descriptions, introduction/ landing pages, personal profiles and more.

Article / Blog Post Writing: Numerous subjects covered, please email us with proposed subject and we can discuss.

Reviews and Previews: Book and film reviews and previews for blogs and all electronic/hard copy publications. Product/service and website reviews. See Advertising/Copywriting above for promotional copy. 

Report Writing: Professional information collation and presentation. Send us electronic or hard copy notes, statistics, questionnaire responses, customer suggestions/requests or any other form of information and we will create a simple to understand, unique, purpose written report to order including charts, graphs and pictures as required. These can be returned in hard copy (at cost) or for free in electronic form.

Speeches: Speeches written for all occasions. For example; Wedding toasts/Best man speeches. Motivational /Team building speeches. Award receipt speeches. Love letters. Presentations and more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and if you don't see the specific service you are looking for please ask.

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Design and Printing Services
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Blog and Email Account Creation

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Custom Clothing Services
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