Need A Blog?

No matter what kind of business you run; whether you're a city wide plumbing company or a self employed international performer you will need a website or blog. This will serve as your online headquarters, allowing you to showcase your talents or services and engage and communicate with your target audience.

The quality of blogging sites have come a long way in recent years and a blog nowadays is a more than sufficient way to project the right image for your business with less hassle and costs than a website. With sophisticated appearance and abilities the blog creation service provides you with a user friendly online experience for both admins and customers alike and blogs are completely customisable with templates and add on's including Paypal and Google Checkout integration, allowing you to sell goods online without too much fuss.

Blogs are also great ways for individuals to share their thoughts and views with the world. Share your passions, petitions, pictures, past times and your personality. Remember some of the most popular blogs have been commissioned to be turned into books, creating rather lucrative book deals for the authors and any wanna be writer really ought to have a blog of their own to display their samples and raise their profile.

So do you need a blog? Not sure where to start?
Let us do it for you. We will set you up with a free email address and blog for a one time set up fee. The platforms used are so simple to use perfect for novices right through to experts.

Your free email account comes with:

  • Free online storage space
  • 10GB attachment allowance
  • Google Search built in to your inbox
  • Video chat and call phones right from your inbox
  • 35 Custom themes to personalise your experience
  • Completely free to run

Your free blog features:

  • Label organisation and post time-stamping
  • Geo-tagging locations to posts
  • User friendly drag and drop editing interface
  • Reading permissions (so your blog can stay private or only among friends if you want)
  • You can embed links or photo's and videos directly from the internet for use in your blog
  • You can also generate revenue for yourself by setting up Google AdSense and Amazon Associates or turn your blog into an online store using Paypal or GoogleCheckout.

Packages are priced as follows:

Basic: Free email address and blog set up. Home page design including images. £10

Standard: Free email address and blog set up. Home page design and extra pages (up to 5) including images, links and video's. £20

Full Service: Free email address and blog set up. Home page design and extra pages (up to 8) including images, links, video's and content for all pages. £40

Extra's: We can also create a Twitter account and Facebook page to accompany your new blog.

See the links below for an example of the quality of blog you could expect. (As well as this site too.)

Example 1   Example 2   Example 3

Are you a writer? Trying to get noticed out there is tough isn't it?

We are always looking for new contributors for our blogs. All contributors get free e-marketing services not only for the posts you write for the blogs but for any other writing projects you also have going.

If you have any interest or think you can write well on the subjects of PSYCHOLOGY, FILM OR FASHION please get in touch.

Please read the blogs first for an idea of the standard and quality that we are looking for (but don't worry too much as all work is edited before it is published).

Contributors get 1 x  Full Service - One-off Submission Service (Worth £480 annually) per month free and must contribute at least 2 accepted pieces per year.

This submission service would be used to publicise any of your current or future projects as long as you are still a contributor and this does not have to be limited to your own work nor does it have to strictly be to advertise your writing, we would be trying to publicise you and your other pursuits. Perfect for raising your profile.

You are free to pull out at any time once you have submitted at least one acceptable piece and almost £500 worth of free marketing for say two afternoons per year is a pretty fair deal.

We genuinely want to help people who want to write, who can write, who must write.

Best of luck with your efforts.

Please note we do reserve the right to refuse any articles or to accept any individual as a contributor at our own discretion.

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